Why I Like to Use Broadhead Arrows When I Hunt

I personally prefer to use broadhead arrows when I hunt because I find they give me that extra edge I need. There is one thing I would like you to keep in mind before we go further and I tell you all about these arrows and how they help me: broadhead arrows are not for practice. They are strong, they cut through everything and they are used by hunters strictly for game hunting. So, if you are just looking for a type of arrow to use for practice, these ones are not for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in the most reliable type of arrows for making sure you put down your target, these are the best choice.


It goes through both tissue and bone

Hunting is a skill that cannot be learned overnight. Practicing may take a lot of time, and when you actually get down to do some actual hunting you find yourself mostly harassing the game you are after instead of being capable to deliver the killing blow. What I like about broadhead arrows is that they cut through both tissue and bone, which means that, with enough practice, it becomes easier to put down your prey without shooting arrow after arrow and causing unnecessary suffering to the animal.


There are two types: fixed blade and mechanical

9Here is another thing you need to know about these arrows. They come in two types, called fixed blade and mechanical, each one with its ups and downs, so I will explain them to you right away. Fixed blade broadhead arrows have the downside that you must always have your bow perfectly tuned. Even the slightest imbalance will cause the arrow to overshoot, so it becomes fairly easy to miss your target. On the upside, these are very sturdy and reliable and they are better when penetrating through bone than their mechanical counterparts. The latter are easier to use by beginners, and you will not find such a hard time to land a shot. If you notice mechanical broadhead arrows flying through the air just like point field arrows, this happens because this is what they do. As the blades open only on impact, there is little air resistance they need to overcome, which is why they behave this way. An upside of these arrows is that the expanded blades cause quite the damage, and blood trails, so you can easily take after your game, once you landed a single shot.

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