Hunting with Recurve Bows – How to Prepare



Hunting is a preferred activity for many, but deciding what to use for the best experience is a matter of arduous debate that plenty of people are still getting involved in. For instance, one thing that hunters do not seem to be in an accord, no matter how many words are wasted on each side, is whether you should try hunting with a recurve bow or not. Compound bows are the most recommended for hunting, because they can launch arrows at superior speed, making it easy for you to hit your target. Recurve bows, on the other hand, are mighty tricky and shooting something with one of these is really difficult. Here are some tips on how to prepare for recurve bow hunting, so you can proudly say you’ve done it.



Commit, commit, commit

fit2Hunting with a recurve bow is not just a matter of developing a skill that not many people have, it is a matter of learning how to use such a weapon without causing unnecessary pain to your prey. That means that you have to get involved in a lot of practice and you should be really serious about. Experts advise to start practicing in summer and use at least 10 arrows in one session. Shooting at a certain distance, let’s say 20 yards, means that you will have to aim to get all your arrows in the target plate. Only after you are sure you have practiced enough, you can go ahead and try hunting for real with a recurve bow.




Use an arm guard

fit4Compound bows are so easy to handle, compared to recurve bows, that arm guards may not look like such a major necessity. Not the same thing happens when you are using a recurve bow. A string slap can be seriously painful when you are practicing with a recurve bow, so do not neglect the necessity of an arm guard. The cheapest kind goes for 15-20 dollars and it protects your arm against such unpleasant mishaps.






Traditional arrows may not be the best choice


If you are just starting to practice with a recurve bow, a way to make things simpler for you is to get some modern arrows instead of traditional ones, even if you are basically using a traditional bow. Long arrows made of carbon are a fine choice, and you will be able to enhance your skill with great efficiency and in a timely manner.


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