good foot care

The importance of good foot care


If you are familiar with the Latin saying “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”, you must know the importance of looking after your body. Personal hygiene is crucial if you want to avoid infections, viruses, and even some serious health problems later on.

However, taking regular showers and baths is not enough to make your body look good. There are countless grooming products that can enhance your beauty and make your skin feel softer.

But this doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on special lotions and potions that promise to make you look more appealing. On the contrary, according to recent studies, both men and women are attracted to a beautiful smile, kind eyes, and soft skin and feet.

And if you’re still not convinced on why you should invest more time in properly looking after your feet, perhaps these reasons will make you change up your mind.


Makes your skin softer

A soft and beautiful skin is the epitome of beauty by all standards, so a good foot scrub and a moisturizing body lotion will do wonders.

Establish a daily or weekly beauty routine that includes soaking your feet in warm water with essential oils or Epsom salt for relaxation. Let them stay for about 20 minutes before using a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells and calluses. After you carefully cleaned your feet and heels, apply a calming and deeply moisturizing cream.


Gets you rid of swollen feet

Many women deal with swollen feet on a regular basis. Uncomfortable shoes, wearing high heels on a regular basis or standing for long hours are the main reasons why feet get swollen. Water retention or pregnancy can also cause feet to swell and feel heavy.

So, if you want to prevent all these and ensure the beauty of your ankles, you definitely need to invest more in your foot care. As previously mentioned, Epsom salt and essential oils do wonders for tired and swollen feet.

You can also consider purchasing a regular foot spa to treat your legs and feet after a long day at work. A heated one will also help you get rid of muscle tension and improve your blood circulation.

There are some other ways through which you can enjoy beautiful legs all day long no matter how much of a heel fan you are. Water retention is the main cause of swollen feet so don’t forget to hydrate yourself accordingly.


Drink adequate amounts of water daily and cut on the salt as much as you can. Don’t forget that all foods already contain salt, so there is no need to add extra.

good foot care

Hunting with Recurve Bows – How to Prepare



Hunting is a preferred activity for many, but deciding what to use for the best experience is a matter of arduous debate that plenty of people are still getting involved in. For instance, one thing that hunters do not seem to be in an accord, no matter how many words are wasted on each side, is whether you should try hunting with a recurve bow or not. Compound bows are the most recommended for hunting, because they can launch arrows at superior speed, making it easy for you to hit your target. Recurve bows, on the other hand, are mighty tricky and shooting something with one of these is really difficult. Here are some tips on how to prepare for recurve bow hunting, so you can proudly say you’ve done it.



Commit, commit, commit

fit2Hunting with a recurve bow is not just a matter of developing a skill that not many people have, it is a matter of learning how to use such a weapon without causing unnecessary pain to your prey. That means that you have to get involved in a lot of practice and you should be really serious about. Experts advise to start practicing in summer and use at least 10 arrows in one session. Shooting at a certain distance, let’s say 20 yards, means that you will have to aim to get all your arrows in the target plate. Only after you are sure you have practiced enough, you can go ahead and try hunting for real with a recurve bow.




Use an arm guard

fit4Compound bows are so easy to handle, compared to recurve bows, that arm guards may not look like such a major necessity. Not the same thing happens when you are using a recurve bow. A string slap can be seriously painful when you are practicing with a recurve bow, so do not neglect the necessity of an arm guard. The cheapest kind goes for 15-20 dollars and it protects your arm against such unpleasant mishaps.






Traditional arrows may not be the best choice


If you are just starting to practice with a recurve bow, a way to make things simpler for you is to get some modern arrows instead of traditional ones, even if you are basically using a traditional bow. Long arrows made of carbon are a fine choice, and you will be able to enhance your skill with great efficiency and in a timely manner.


good foot care

The best hunting bow brands


Hunting with bows is the latest trend and if you are new to this, you need to consider a lot of factors before decide to put your money in a particular bow brands. Believe me, a lot of new bow brands have come up over the last few years due to the rise in the popularity of bows. Hunting with bows will give you a special feeling and if you want to feel it, you need the best bow in your hand.



How to choose the best hunting bow?


Whether you decide to choose a recurve bow, a longbow or a compound bow, first you must consider the following factors-

  • Make the final choice after considering all factors like design, material, specifications and features.
  • Each design comes with its own pros and cons. You need to make the final decision based on your requirements.
  • Try to go for a bow that can be brought apart, making it easy to transport.

Best Hunting Bow Brands



  1.      Bear Archery

Bear Archery was founded in the year 1933 and has been in the business of bow and archery equipment ever since then. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their products and provide the best quality products. Some of the best models are Arena 30, BR 33, Cruzer etc.

  1.      Hoyt

Hoyt is an American bow manufacturer that was founded in the year 1931. Originally, the brand was known to make bows for professional use only. Hoyt is one of the most used brands during the Olympics. During the recent years, Hoyt has extended its arms towards the hunting genre and given the acclaim, you can expect the best from this brand. Some of the best models are from the Defiant series.

  1.      Bowtech

Created in the year 1999, this brand has fast grown into one of the best brands that offer hunting bows. This brand is known for its innovative designs and modern features that can come in very handy for a hunter. One of the best models is BT-X.

  1.      Diamond Archery

Diamond archery has brought in a new revolution for all the hunters. Deploy SB is one of the best models produced by this brand. It is just an example of how advanced this brand is technology wise. You get the pleasure of hunting along with the comfort of technology with Diamond.


No matter how skilled or unskilled an archer you are, if you choose the best brand, you can be the best hunter out there.

good foot care

Why I Like to Use Broadhead Arrows When I Hunt

I personally prefer to use broadhead arrows when I hunt because I find they give me that extra edge I need. There is one thing I would like you to keep in mind before we go further and I tell you all about these arrows and how they help me: broadhead arrows are not for practice. They are strong, they cut through everything and they are used by hunters strictly for game hunting. So, if you are just looking for a type of arrow to use for practice, these ones are not for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in the most reliable type of arrows for making sure you put down your target, these are the best choice.


It goes through both tissue and bone

Hunting is a skill that cannot be learned overnight. Practicing may take a lot of time, and when you actually get down to do some actual hunting you find yourself mostly harassing the game you are after instead of being capable to deliver the killing blow. What I like about broadhead arrows is that they cut through both tissue and bone, which means that, with enough practice, it becomes easier to put down your prey without shooting arrow after arrow and causing unnecessary suffering to the animal.


There are two types: fixed blade and mechanical

9Here is another thing you need to know about these arrows. They come in two types, called fixed blade and mechanical, each one with its ups and downs, so I will explain them to you right away. Fixed blade broadhead arrows have the downside that you must always have your bow perfectly tuned. Even the slightest imbalance will cause the arrow to overshoot, so it becomes fairly easy to miss your target. On the upside, these are very sturdy and reliable and they are better when penetrating through bone than their mechanical counterparts. The latter are easier to use by beginners, and you will not find such a hard time to land a shot. If you notice mechanical broadhead arrows flying through the air just like point field arrows, this happens because this is what they do. As the blades open only on impact, there is little air resistance they need to overcome, which is why they behave this way. An upside of these arrows is that the expanded blades cause quite the damage, and blood trails, so you can easily take after your game, once you landed a single shot.

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Turning your backyard into an archery range


Having your private archery range is a cool thing. Turning your backyard into your personal archery range is a great way of using space wisely. It also lets you practice when you want and at your own pace, with no range fees to worry about. It will also save you the time, fuel, and the effort needed to drive to a shooting range.

A backyard archery range lets you work on proper shooting form and technique unhurriedly and in a relaxed manner without worrying about the time or the expenses. You can sight in using your choice of projectiles, whether simple field points or broadheads. As long as bow shooting is legal where you reside and you have the luxury of space, a backyard archery range is a great option.


Safety first

It is best to know your surroundings before building your own backyard archery range. This ensures you do not harm anybody while using the range and that you indeed have the luxury of space for this kind of project.

Know whether your neighbors are not bothered by the prospect of having your archery range close by. It always pays to be friends with your neighbors and sound off on how they feel about your backyard archery range. You wouldn’t want to be petitioned off the neighborhood just because of the range.

As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, ascertain that there are no local ordinances that outlaw a backyard archery range where you live. Be aware of any regulations or ordinances against bow shooting. Be conscious of what is downrange and be sure to have a backstop for stopping wayward shots. Stay safe.


Build archery range gear that is truly functional

A safety stop to hold the arrows that miss the target is a principal piece of equipment any DIY backyard archery range should come with. You can build a frame using 2x4s and hang horse stall mats from cables. In rural locations, you might not need a safety stop at all. The terrain can be used to your advantage when trying to locate stray arrows.

Whenever you can, shoot at a downward angle to prevent the arrows from sticking out of the ground when stopped.

Use some lumber, carpet, and threaded rods to make a field point target. This DIY equipment should not be used with broadheads though. Aside from this DIY archery target, you can also stack bales of hay or straw to serve the same purpose. You can attach a paper target with the illustrations of animal vitals to the front to make the target more realistic.

You can also make your DIY broadhead target based on a variety of designs you can find online. Find one that suits your budget and preference as well as the number of shots you can take with broadheads. For this purpose, a commercial product serves as the best option.

In such a case, determine whether the product accommodates field points or whether such projectiles would just be hard to remove. Those types are for broadhead use alone.

Other items you might need in your backyard range are yardage markers for the 20, 25, and 30-yard points. Flags or stakes, as well as marked bricks, can be used. A DIY bow stand using PVC pipes can hold your bow and arrows along with your cold beverage.